Since Braid's release, we've been more than entertained by the creative initiative of fans (in the forms of papercraft and comics, for example). This being Web 2.0 and all, we thought we'd throw some more material out there for people to use as they like. All the graphics on this page were created for Braid; they're the same images you see when you play the game.

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• Characters

• Keys, Gates, Cannons and other objects

• Plants and blocks

• 48 unique icons

• high-quality PNG format with transparency



Full Size (assorted)
4.5 MB .zip
(Best if you are going to
edit these in any way)


Maximum 128 pixels tall/wide
3 MB .zip
(Good for forum avatars,


Maximum 64 pixels tall/wide
(pictured at left)

1.3 MB .zip
(Good for losing in your
sofa cushions)


tim idle
tim fidget
tim run
monstar walk
greeter idle
greeter walk

• Tim idle
• Tim fidget
• Tim run
• Monstar walk
• Greeter idle
• Greeter walk

Deluxe Package
3.8 MB .zip

Including the following variations:

• 50% scale (like they are above) and
• 100% scale (as they were originally drawn)

• Transparency for white backgrounds
• Transparency for black backgrounds
• Transparency for gray backgrounds (as above)


• The original, full-size Photoshop files (reduce to 50% for in-game size)

• Every frame of every character!

• Boss character requires some assembly


Main Set (pictured at left)
9.1 MB .zip

Spoiler Set (2 additional characters)
6.9 MB .zip


• Every level icon in the game

• High quality PNG format with transparency


Original size (324 x 316)
2.1 MB .zip


City Panorama
3104 x 720
460 k JPG

World 2 background
1280 x 720
240 k JPG


World 3 background
1280 x 720
348 k JPG

World 3 background
1280 x 720
340 k JPG

World 4 background
1280 x 720
282 k JPG

World 4 background
1280 x 720
340 k JPG

World 5 background
1280 x 720
304 k JPG

World 6 background
1280 x 720
232 k JPG

World 6 background
1280 x 720
220 k JPG

All Wallpapers
2.4 MB .zip


1000 x 1000 pixels
264 k JPG

4000 x 4000 pixels
(original size)

2.3 MB JPG .zip


These are the same graphics you see on the How to Play screen in the Help & Options menu.

3 transparent PNG files
296 k .zip


11 JPG files showing various parts of the game
3.9 MB .zip

Graphics by David Hellman
Braid © Number None, Inc. 2008